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Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz
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Dr. Jaime Schwartz attended college at Tulane University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in cellular and molecular biology, he also further delved into health, the human body, and disease. He discovered that his curiosity in this field might be genetic. His mind was opened by books from a great-uncle (whom he never met), Dr. Jay Milton Hoffman, such as his The Missing Link in the Medical Curriculum (1981) and John Westerdahl’s Hunza: Secrets of the World’s Oldest Living People (1968). These influential books (written way before their time) discussed how diet and disease are related. Dr. Schwartz spent time learning all he could about these topics and dedicated research time at the Ochsner Medical Institute. After his extensive time working and studying healthcare, Dr. Jaime Schwartz was accepted into the Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., which is one of the top five most selective schools in the United States.

From a very young age, Dr. Jaime Schwartz always knew he was going to pursue a career in healthcare. He comes from a long line of medical providers, such as podiatrists, researchers, and physicians. When he was young, his father would take him on his “rounds” to see patients in the hospital on weekends. In his teenage years, he spent time working in his father’s medical office and began to attend surgeries before he was allowed to drive. Growing up in an area that was considered a “cancer cluster,” Dr. Jaime Schwartz grew up surrounded by many women in his immediate circle with breast cancer. He was touched personally by this and knew he needed to find a way to practice medicine to make needed changes in women’s healthcare.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.
- Carl Sagan